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The 5 Best Podcasts for Learning History

The world ain’t what it used to be. Kids don’t read anymore. Its all the parents fault. Maybe. While history is still full of great stories, they are all trapped in dusty books. But that is about to change. Podcasting has given birth to the genre-bending works of a few intrepid historians. A new generation of storytellers trying to make the way we handle history a thing of the past.


Topic Trends on #edchat and What They Say about Education Today

Here’s how it works. Every week, following twitterers pitch them education-related discussion topics. They choose 5 topics to go on twtpoll.com . The topic with the most votes is then discussed Tuesdays 12pm NYT (EST) and 7pm NYT (EST). For about an hour, English-speaking twitter-savvy educators all over the world hash it out. This casual crowd-sourced consensus-based democratic system never fails to get educators talking. Read the trade press all you want, but if you want to know what’s really going on in education, its on #edchat.

6 More Things in Education We Need a New Name For

School is riddled with misnomers and obsolete terminologies. Relics of the days we are glad we no longer have to live. But as our world moves on, some words have stood the test of time. They bind us to power structures that lay at the very foundations of how we use knowledge and education. But the smell lingers, a smell that is so old we have gotten used to it. Here is another installment of words up for review:

Check out the School Sucks Podcast

http://schoolsucks.podomatic.com/ A podcast that has inspired many of my articles. Skeptical, articulate and informed. One of the most important voices of the next generation of teachers and students.

5 Things in Education We Need a New Name For.

Words are important. If we are smart, we choose them carefully. But mostly we just repeat or recycle them. We claim words as our own original thoughts, but how often have you looked at the words you use to describe what you do?

Are Kids Today More Intelligent, or Just Smarter?

Students are finally starting to enjoy school rather than endure it. Every wave of students will be increasingly motivated to absorb knowledge for its own sake. But what kind of knowledge? Clearly not the one that the old guard would like. Where is the control? The discipline? The goose stepping in unison?

Top 5 Ways to Get Smart without Reading

Not only is reading NOT the only source of information in this world, it is not even one of the best. There are effective methods of learning that do not require the Dewey Decimal System. They are all around us

This is not a Videogame …….. Its a Serious-game

Like it or not, interactive gaming platforms are creeping into classrooms at every level of academia. But this “new kid in town” has to earn his chops before the elbow-patch and courderoy crowd… Continue reading

What Do Video Games Do for the Soul?

Games, just like any learning exercises, come with a set of values that ultimately teach a moral lesson. This moral doctrine, explicit or implicit, may even differ from the intended pedagogical lesson. Video Games are no exception. Each one secretly teaches a set of values. Yet these lessons are not necessarily in the content or story-line. They live deep in the design of the game and are taught through the system of challenges and rewards offered to the player.

Who Cares about English Anyways? How ESL training is far too focused on language.

  I hear, and I forget. I see, and I remember. I do, and I understand. — Chinese Proverb This proverb was drawn from one of many websites dedicated to listing proverbs. Presumably… Continue reading

  • “The philosophy of the school room in one generation will be the philosophy of government in the next.” -Abraham Lincoln
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