Why does school suck? We teach it to suck.

Throughout school, students are told that if they buckle down, do as they’re told and study the material, they will be successful in life. Those who do not comply will get the bad jobs, those who do will get the good jobs. But when they enter the real world they quickly realize that their academic credentials are almost worthless. If they are lucky, they someday realize that real success comes from doing something you enjoy with motivation and creativity. Three things that were never covered in school.


This is not a Videogame …….. Its a Serious-game

Like it or not, interactive gaming platforms are creeping into classrooms at every level of academia. But this “new kid in town” has to earn his chops before the elbow-patch and courderoy crowd… Continue reading

Is This Going to be on the Test?

They say, back in the day, life was tough. But, by virtue of more pious standards, life was better for it. Kids today, they have it easy. Unfortunately, for the preachers of these… Continue reading

Gone is the Hickory Switch, but Not the Crushing of Spirits

Remember when taking a beating was an important component of moral teachings? Some even forgive their torturers and consider the virtues of such methods. Maybe that would make their lives easier too. But… Continue reading

What Do Video Games Do for the Soul?

Games, just like any learning exercises, come with a set of values that ultimately teach a moral lesson. This moral doctrine, explicit or implicit, may even differ from the intended pedagogical lesson. Video Games are no exception. Each one secretly teaches a set of values. Yet these lessons are not necessarily in the content or story-line. They live deep in the design of the game and are taught through the system of challenges and rewards offered to the player.

Who Cares about English Anyways? How ESL training is far too focused on language.

  I hear, and I forget. I see, and I remember. I do, and I understand. — Chinese Proverb This proverb was drawn from one of many websites dedicated to listing proverbs. Presumably… Continue reading

Introducing the E-Quilting Bee

Upper Canada Village Heritage Museum in Ontario has a 19th century  iron-framed manual printing press. The newspaper that it once printed had brought word from all corners of the British Empire, but almost… Continue reading

Educational Technology

“The greater a man`s desire to persuade his audience, the more he will train himself in true culture, aestetic and moral, and in gaining the estime of his fellow citizens.” Isocrates from the… Continue reading

  • “The philosophy of the school room in one generation will be the philosophy of government in the next.” -Abraham Lincoln
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