Interview on American Freedom Radio

The Truther Girls Hosts: Sonia and Karen Website YouTube Channel: Blog site: Here is a link to a recent interview with The Class Struggle’s Editor in Chief, Tristan Verboven. He… Continue reading

Good Public Speaking Makes Good Listeners

Bad listeners? No. Bad speaker. Sorry to tell you this, but if your audience is bored, its your fault. They are giving you their attention and time, you owe them to make it worthwhile. Public Speaking and good communication are all about taking control of both your information and your listeners.

Language Problems. Cultural Opportunities.

The unilingual approach is ideal when students need as much exposure and immersion as possible in a short time. But immigrant students have far more immersion than they can handle. They are looking for a familiar voice in the crowd and for a helping hand in their transition. They live in two language communities at once. If they are to live a dual life, they need to be bilingual.

5 Things in Education We Need a New Name For.

Words are important. If we are smart, we choose them carefully. But mostly we just repeat or recycle them. We claim words as our own original thoughts, but how often have you looked at the words you use to describe what you do?

Are Kids Today More Intelligent, or Just Smarter?

Students are finally starting to enjoy school rather than endure it. Every wave of students will be increasingly motivated to absorb knowledge for its own sake. But what kind of knowledge? Clearly not the one that the old guard would like. Where is the control? The discipline? The goose stepping in unison?

Grammar? I Ain’t Got Time For Grammar!

Why bog your ESL class down with grammar lessons? Its hard enough for students to muster the courage to learn a new language. Don’t mess it up. With the right learning cycle, they’ll learn the rules once they have learned to speak the language.

How Do We Know If They Know What They Say They Know?

Imagine two individuals waiting outside an office for a  job interview. They are both smart, hard workers with an excellent education. The difference: one is a university graduate, the other has never been… Continue reading

Does your Doctrine Match your Dogma?

What kind of game are your students playing? Are they locked in gladiatorial combat with no control over increasingly unreasonable conditions? Are they competing against each other for favour or are they forging alliances to sustain their own growth? Are they being rewarded with interesting challenges, higher proficiency and better means? Or is each task independent from, yet identical to, the next? These are the indicators of moral climate in your classroom.

Top 5 Ways to Get Smart without Reading

Not only is reading NOT the only source of information in this world, it is not even one of the best. There are effective methods of learning that do not require the Dewey Decimal System. They are all around us

Spell Check This!

As we speak, term papers are being flung back at students faces, compositions are being defaced with red ink, volumes of copy are being sent back to the printer, marks are being deducted, machines are making suggestions, cell phones are making predictions, people are rifling through dictionaries, all because some English scholars thought it would be fun.

  • “The philosophy of the school room in one generation will be the philosophy of government in the next.” -Abraham Lincoln
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