Making School More Like Hogwarts

At Hogwarts, students were treated like soon-to-be-adults, expected to fulfill obligations, meet deadlines, and pass difficult, detailed exit exams. Disruptions were almost non-existent, and students who just couldn’t get it were not allowed to enter the upper level classes. It is insinuated that such students would end up as clerks, housemaids, servers, bus drivers, and service sector workers, etc. There is nothing wrong with this.


Top 10 Free Online Learning Sites

YouTube offers an enormous number of channels completely geared to education. Availing these can help develop career standards and grab a prosperous future. So, take a look at the following ten YouTube channels that can be extremely helpful for educators:

Learning via Distance – The Benefits

by Harry Martin If you think distance learning by online technology is designed solely for professionals then you are mistaken. Anybody with learning endeavors can pursue the program without any qualification barriers. Learning… Continue reading

Good Speaker, Great Speaker: The Three Key Components to a Persuasive Speech

Novices can get by putting together a great plan with nice slides. More experienced speakers have a few custom tricks up their sleeve to make a good impression. But the Masters know that there are three things they need to be to bring an audience their side. Credible, Relevant and Memorable. Sound easy? Its not. That’s why we call them Masters:


1.) Convenience – You can do it from pretty much anywhere. No getting dressed, finding parking and sitting in an auditorium.

2.) Motivation- Students learn better when they are self-motivated, and online platforms force students to manage their own time and assignments.

3.) Versatility – Increased availability of free learning tools for students, such as the new school “University of the People.” 

4.) Access – Student populations who may not do well in traditional classroom settings can thrive in an online environment
5.) Price – Many new online platforms are increasingly affordable, a welcome change in higher education.

Leaving “No Child Left Behind” Behind

The result satisfies those who are concerned with maintaining standards of English fluency. English learners, who would otherwise be falling behind, benefit threefold. They integrate more effectively, they maintain educated fluency in their mother language, and they cultivate bilingualism as empowerment rather than a burden. Being a Spanish speaker becomes a valuable asset rather than obstacle to success.

5 Myths about Video Games, Busted

It may come as no surprise that he most popular games on the market are also the most engaging for players, with complicated level structures, multi-players and challenging but attainable goals. A typical gamer can sustain several hours of uninterrupted play without losing interest; quite a different claim from that made by recent studies. It is only once the player turns the game off and interacts with the outside world that the lack of attention kicks in.

6 More Things in Education We Need a New Name For

School is riddled with misnomers and obsolete terminologies. Relics of the days we are glad we no longer have to live. But as our world moves on, some words have stood the test of time. They bind us to power structures that lay at the very foundations of how we use knowledge and education. But the smell lingers, a smell that is so old we have gotten used to it. Here is another installment of words up for review:

Check out the School Sucks Podcast A podcast that has inspired many of my articles. Skeptical, articulate and informed. One of the most important voices of the next generation of teachers and students.

Signs About Nothing – Rally to Restore Sanity / Fear in Washington


  • “The philosophy of the school room in one generation will be the philosophy of government in the next.” -Abraham Lincoln
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