Blogger- Harry Martin

Distance Learning – Exploring the Challenges against Conventional Beliefs 

by Harry Martin

Gone are the days of traveling long distance to attend classes, just to get educated. Today, connecting to education and learning new skills is not restricted to a classroom, bound within four walls, reflecting a traditional environment. Distance learning has come up as the smartest alternative to the conventional learning approach, making learning easier than ever. Everything is available at the click of a mouse.

Distance Learning

Distance Learning – Exploring the Prospects

Well, if you have doubts regarding the credibility of distance learning then, despair not. The educational approach in the modern age associating itself with technological advancements has created a comfortable space amid the traditional learning approach. Learning via distance, which until a decade back had not received much attention in the educational world, has risen to unimaginable heights. Thanks, to technology, creating a space in the virtual world of education has allowed students to connect and communicate better.


All that a student needs to connect to the online world of education is a computer and internet connection. Following this, they can access online classes anytime and anywhere without compromising personal or professional commitments. The learning approach of today has come as a blessing. It allows professionals and careerists to upgrade their academic skills, while initiating better professional growth opportunities.

Learning via Distance –The Benefits

If you think distance learning by online technology is designed solely for professionals then you are mistaken. Anybody with learning endeavors can pursue the program without any qualification barriers. Learning programs are designed to offer equal opportunity to all students and professionals. Here, is a quick look at the situations that benefit enrolling in an online educational program –

  • Homemakers who left education for family responsibilities

If you married at an early age, chances are you had to give up on your higher-education degree. Owing to increasing family responsibilities, continuing your education by enrolling at regular course was a distant dream for you. Today, distance learning allows opportunities for continuing education from home at your own comfort and convenience.

  • Professionals wishing to advance career opportunities

In today’s richly competitive market, everybody is interested in career growth and securing a better stand professionally. Employers are on the lookout for skilled individuals, but leaving job to advance professional pursuits is not a likeable choice. Distance learning comes up as a smart alternative for career aspirants.

  • Students who gave up education for financial restriction

Not every learner in the world is blessed with continuing education without any trouble. Financial hardships block the dreams of many enthusiastic learners. Courses offered via distance education are affordable compared to traditional courses.

  • Students with disabilities during school or college education

If physical disability is a hindrance to pursuing higher education and reaching success professionally, then despair not. Distance learning emerges a friend in such situations. While enrolled in an online course, you need not travel nor take the pain of attending classes regularly. You can conveniently pursue the degree course from the comfort of your home at your own pace.

  • Students looking to upgrade their resumes for better professional standing

Are your competitors edging past you in the professional world? You need not worry. Distance learning offers a platform for acquiring degrees in career-oriented courses for bettering your professional stand and maximizing the potential of your resume.

Distance Learning Program – The Advantages

Now for the advantages. Educational programs promoted via distance learning endow students with multiple benefits. Here is a look at some –

  • Flexible learning
  • Ease of Learning at your own pace
  • Learning without shifting base
  • Learning alongside working
  • Affordable learning
  • Enhanced professional opportunities
  • Upgraded knowledge with new skills

Distance learning upholding such benefits and favoring a wide group of students has smartly outwitted the conventional mode of education in coming up as a one-stop solution catering to all educational needs at ease.

How Online Education is Enriched by Technological Advancements

All these years you have been using Google. Downloading songs, videos and movies; searching contact details, shoping and even booking tickets. But did you know about the countless individuals who have constructed their career paths on this very reputed search engine? Yes, it’s Google making the globe spin on its wheels. Like it or not, to businesses, corporations, retailers and educators, a single word has emerged as the ideal source for their daily bread and butter.

Google Stuns the World Once Again

Google is working on a more polished look. Recently, significant improvements have been made to image search functions. It is such amazing innovation that students can now find images from Google without the pain of clicking the ‘Images’ option for their respective search engines. Before, you had to wait for at least 15 seconds after accessing the Google Images tab to download an image or collect image related data. Today, the job is done with the wink of an eye.

Relevance of Google in Schools

Wonder why school seems like a dungeon to today’s teens? Why students yell out in joy on hearing the last school bell of the day? We blame educators or the drab classrooms. Advocates of school campus education forget that students need a proper break to keep from falling prey to monotony. Making kids follow fat textbooks and solve exercises pages after pages will not make them knowledgeable. Would it kill teachers to introduce Google to classrooms?

Inspire your Online Students with Google Image Search Functionality

With its image search functionality, Google will be able to sustain the interest and excitement of your online students. If educators think that teaching Shakespeare or Milton will make his/her students obtain mastery in English, it will not really work out. Instead, if you as an educator can utilize Google in finding out images for all your relevant online classroom lessons, don’t you think it can keep your students intoxicated throughout the entire period? Believe me, the impact will be much stronger.

School Education is Discouraging

Why do critics keep arguing that schools are the best for education? Online education offers far more benefits. When students don’t complete homework assignments in traditional schools they are showered with rebukes and discouraging words. Consequently, passion to accomplish the academic goals is dashed. Online education, on the other hand, ensures complete independence and fun that even lets one shrug off his reticence.

For many students today, persistent bullying, discrimination and other institutional toxicities can dampen enthusiasm for school. In this respect, home sweet home is where they can pursue course while remaining miles away from the harsh environment. For all the social benefits of traditional schooling, what do we want kids to become – complacent, institutionalized conformist? Or independent online learner? Think about it.


YouTube Steps the Educational arena with a Bang

In addition to Google, YouTube brings opportunities to infuse multimedia into classrooms. This social media site can be the key to unlock a world of success and prosperity. Today, many schools, universities and even non-profit organizations have become highly dependent on YouTube for executing their respective activities with sheer perfection.

YouTube offers an enormous number of channels completely geared to education. Availing these can help develop career standards and grab a prosperous future. So, take a look at the following ten YouTube channels that can be extremely helpful for educators:

  1. TED Talks – Stunning demonstrations and lectures helpful for teaching professionals.
  2. Smithsonian Videos – Diverse videos ranging from art to biology.
  3. Biography Channel – Personal experiences and real-life stories posted here by commoners and even celebrities.
  4. The Nobel Prize – One of the effective channels fetching information about Nobel Prize winners and their secrets behind their achievements.
  5. Stanford University – Free lectures on a range of subjects.
  6. PBS – Everything related to current events, science and arts, Public Broadcasting can be a resourceful channel.
  7. Discovery Channel – Exciting videos with loads of information. Considered the best and most resourceful channel for gathering knowledge.
  8. UC Berkeley – The best place for extensive lectures and long talks regarding subjects like computer science, history, engineering, public health and more.
  9. NPR Radio Pictures – Programs related to philosophy, art, science etc.
  10. University Courses – A great channel for educators. Diverse lectures on different subjects.

If you are planning to enroll in a distance learning course, the above mentioned procedures will certainly help you build a wonderful future. If you are playing the role of an educator, accessing these channels can be rewarding.