Top 10 Free Online Learning Sites

by Harry Martin

YouTube offers an enormous number of channels completely geared to education. These links can help develop career standards and grab a prosperous future. So, take a look at the following ten YouTube channels that can be extremely helpful for educators:

  1. TED Talks – Stunning demonstrations and lectures helpful for teaching professionals.
  2. Smithsonian Videos – Diverse videos ranging from art to biology.
  3. Biography Channel – Personal experiences and real-life stories posted here by commoners and even celebrities.
  4. The Nobel Prize – One of the effective channels fetching information about Nobel Prize winners and their secrets behind their achievements.
  5. Stanford University – Free lectures on a range of subjects.
  6. PBS – Everything related to current events, science and arts, Public Broadcasting can be a resourceful channel.
  7. Discovery Channel – Exciting videos with loads of information. Considered the best and most resourceful channel for gathering knowledge.
  8. UC Berkeley – The best place for extensive lectures and long talks regarding subjects like computer science, history, engineering, public health and more.
  9. NPR Radio Pictures – Programs related to philosophy, art, science etc.
  10. Big Ideas – A great channel for educators. Diverse lectures on different subjects.

If you are planning to enroll in a distance learningcourse, the above mentioned procedures will certainly help you build a wonderful future. If you are playing the role of an educator, accessing these channels can be rewarding. For more, please read Harry Martin’s article on How Online Education is Enriched by Technological Advancements