Educational Technology

Teh college classroom of the past... and the future?

The college classroom of the past... and the future?

“The greater a man`s desire to persuade his audience, the more he will train himself in true culture, aestetic and moral, and in gaining the estime of his fellow citizens.” Isocrates from the Antidosis (4 th century BC)

This was written in a time before technology, before philosophy became the frivolous passtime of elitists, when education was a lifestyle. Learning came from books as much as it came from other people, whether they were learned or not.

In his lecture, Wesch described learning through social networks as having “the same relationship with knowledge that we have with people”. The Ancients of Isocrates time knew this about knowledge, but by the time I went to school the relationship became one with books, institutions and bureacracy.

This new technology is bringing us back to a time when education was an ongoing discussion like Socrates had with Plato amongst freinds in the shade of an olive tree . The difference is that we are in the comfort of our homes, with access to enormous amounts of information, and the discussion is not limited by gender and class.

Are we going back to a more traditional way of learning? And if so, is this a good thing? If not, where are we going instead?